Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How I lost my fear of universal healthcare

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I saw Jesus in Huber Heights on Sunday afternoon (4/12/15).  He didn't look like the Nazarene often depicted by artists.  He appeared as a young woman standing on Executive Blvd begging from people waiting to get through the traffic light.  She held a small cardboard sign with a little cross in the middle surrounded by the words homeless hungry please help God Bless.
Fortunately, we had a gift card handy to give her.  Had I been alone in the car, I may have accepted the possible risk of picking her up to see if I could help more in some way.  I won't forget her face.  She looked so, so sad. So close to the brink of tears.
Do you see Jesus in our community? He's back, looking for compassionate people who will look through His eyes at community needs.  He's looking for voters who will elect people who know what is right for the community instead of those who will cater to their wealthy donors.  Jesus taught us to heal the sick, support the weak and comfort the afflicted, not to hate poor, disabled and aging people.  He's looking for people of faith, carrying the light of truth and ready for action to care for ALL of His children.  Are you ready to take up His cross of caring for others by seeking to understand and help resolve their problems instead of judge and hate them because some talking head, politician or un-Christian charlatan preacher says you should? Aren't you really smarter and more caring that that?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bill Davis likes a link.
Sunday, 30 March 2014

I've watched 60 Minutes for years and this is one of the outstanding pieces of late. This is the kind of reporting viewers need to acquire the knowledge of what is going afoul in our society. This highlights how legislation to maintain a level field for all players is lagging technology and how regulations need to establish some kind of change control to be sure that some new bright idea is not going to rob naive players of the money they have entrusted to investment advisers.
If ever government had a purpose, it was to do what individuals cannot do for themselves and protect consumers from sophisticated ways of extracting gains from a system in some underhanded unethical way. All this brainpower put to better use would be to resolve world poverty, not suck wealth out of the market to a secret bank foreign account.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some things about voting and elections worth thinking about.

Thanks to Bill Cash for these remarks.
I agree with getting partisanship out of our elections and getting independents fully into the process. However, I do realize there is a difference between the parties. Both are corrupt but the republican party is far worse. They are waging a war on our democracy. Through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) they are driving bills through state legislatures to guarantee their success. In Republican controlled states they are severely gerrymandering districts so that it is almost impossible for anyone else to have more districts than them. That is the first step. The second step is to change how the state allocates its electoral votes. They've already voted in some republican controlled states to allocate the votes by district rather than popular vote. The courts did not allow these changes for the 2012 elections but the courts are not a sure way to stop it. It only applied to that one election.
In Virginia, they've already passed these laws and if they had been in effect in 2012, even though Obama won the popular vote by 4%, he would have only garnered 4 electoral votes and Romney would have received 9. These bills are being passed in all the republican controlled states.
The republicans are in a rush to change these laws because they know demographics will overtake them eventually. With these changes, they don't have to worry about it. Their one problem is the statewide offices which are still governed by popular vote. Statewide, Virginia just went democratic but the republicans are firmly in control of the legislature because of the gerrymandering.
I am working with Common Cause for the National Popular Vote which would undermine these stunts in the presidential elections but, from having been at legislative sessions, I can tell you the republicans fiercely oppose it. ALEC is sending representatives out to speak against it in many states. They sent a woman from Texas to testify in Connecticut.
A few positive things happening for voter registration come from Obamacare and the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.
Under the terms of an agreement announced between California and an alliance of good government groups, the state will mail voter registration forms to 4 million people who applied for Obamacare via California’s online exchange. The deal could end up creating 400,000 new registered Golden State voters—the actual numbers will be available later this year.
Nationwide, Obamacare could ultimately be responsible for registering anywhere from 3 to 7 million voters—potentially over 10% of the total number of eligible voters who aren’t registered today—over the next eight years.
Under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which aimed to boost voter registration, people applying for public assistance—as well as DMV customers—must be offered the chance to register to vote. That means every state insurance exchange like California’s, as well as the federal exchange, will need to ask people whether they want to register. Even those people who end up getting covered via Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion or through other parts of the law, rather than through the private market, will still be offered the chance to register to vote.
After congressional Republicans raised concerns about the ACA being used for voter registration, the Obama administration soft-pedaled the requirement on the federal exchange by merely including a one-sentence link to an all-purpose federal government website. Project Vote and Demos have said that approach isn’t enough to comply with the NVRA, and are urging the administration to make it more prominent. Many state exchanges also still aren’t complying with the law, the groups say. So once again the republicans are able to make Obama back down.
Throwing support behind these registration efforts could be very fruitful.
In some states the republicans are also driving fear into people trying to register voters. They are passing restrictive laws that if a registration form isn't completely completed or if it isn't processed within a certain number of days (a short time frame like 48 hours) the registrar can be subject to a heavy fine or even imprisonment in some cases.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Resolution in Support of Single-Payer National Health Insurance

Please sign the petition for the following Resolution

WHEREAS, 48 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2012, and an estimated 31 million Americans will remain uninsured in 2023, and

WHEREAS, the United States ranks last out of 19 high-income countries in preventing deaths amenable to medical care before age 75, and

WHEREAS, underinsurance is growing as many patients are forced into insurance plans with high-deductibles (> $1,000) and narrow networks of providers, and

WHEREAS, the United States spends twice as much per capita on health care as the average of wealthy nations that provide universal coverage, and

WHEREAS, medical bills contribute to 62% of all personal bankruptcies, and medical bankruptcy did not fall in Massachusetts after that state’s implementation of reform in 2006, and

WHEREAS, 75% of people bankrupted by medical bills had private insurance at the onset of illness or injury, and

WHEREAS, private insurance companies consume 13% of premiums in overhead compared to fee-for-service Medicare’s overhead of under 2%, and

WHEREAS, providers are forced to spend tens of billions more dealing with insurers billing and documentation requirements, bringing total administrative costs to 31% of U.S. health spending, compared to 16.7% in Canada, and

WHEREAS, the U.S. could save over $380 billion annually on administrative costs with a single-payer system, and

WHEREAS, the savings from slashing bureaucracy would be enough to cover all of the uninsured and eliminate cost sharing for everyone else, and

WHEREAS, a single-payer system could control costs through proven-effective mechanisms such as global budgets for hospitals and negotiated drug prices, thereby making health care financing sustainable, and

WHEREAS, a single-payer reform would reduce malpractice lawsuits and insurance costs because injured patients won’t have to sue for coverage of future medical expenses, and

WHEREAS, a single-payer system would facilitate health planning, directing capital funds to build and expand health facilities where they are needed, rather than being driven by the dictates of the market, and

WHEREAS, a single-payer reform would dramatically reduce, although not eliminate, health disparities. The passage of Medicare in 1965 led to the rapid desegregation of 99.6% of U.S. hospitals, and

WHEREAS, a single-payer system would allow patients to freely choose their doctors, give physicians a choice of practice setting, and protect the doctor-patient relationship, and

WHEREAS, there is single-payer legislation in both houses of Congress, H.R. 676 and S. 1782, and

WHEREAS, Vermont passed legislation in 2011 to create a “pathway to single payer” in that state starting in 2017, the soonest allowed under federal law, and many other state legislatures are considering similar legislation, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, support universal access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health care through single-payer national health insurance, including single-payer legislation at the state level and urge you to cosponsor and pass the bills mentioned above.

Please sign the petition for the Resolution

For more information and local contacts or to offer support, see

Derived from and References at


We have a crisis in employment because employers are overburdened by healthcare costs.  Healthy people work. If we can bring the costs down as other countries have done, we will be more competitve in the global markets.

Signing this resolution should help get the attention of more representatives in Congress despite the money many take from the medical industry.

If you disagree, please do more research. Contact a local advocate for more information.  We've had enough suffering.  Our medical system is not the world's best by many standards, but it CAN be.  YOU need to speak up to be heard.

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