Monday, March 11, 2013

I just sent this to the DDN.  Let's see if they print it.

Regarding the Roundtable discussion on health insurance: "Looking for Answers and there are none".
It is simply not true that there are no answers.  The roundtable participants just have not been looking in the right places and the Dayton Daily News hasdoen nothing to guide readers to answers.  The answer is Single Payer.  The question is "How can taxpayers prevent medical bankruptcy, provdide complete healthcare for everyone in America AND save a LOT of money in addition to creating more jobs?"  Despite my suggestions to print stories carried by other papers that have more well-informed readers, the DDN has done nothing to help inform people of how they have been brainwashed by Fox "News", Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans aided and abetted by every national media outlet.
If you really want the truth and answers about healthcare reform, you must seek it elsewhere, like,,, etc. 

The TrueMajority OREO video... featuring an animated Ben Cohen.