Sunday, January 31, 2010

What others believe - Lance Armstrong Foundation

While LIVESTRONG has not endorsed any specific reform plan, we stand firmly in favor of comprehensive reform that embraces the following fundamental principles:

  • Guaranteed Security and Continuity: All Americans must be able to rely on the continuation of their coverage, regardless of changes in health, family or profession.
  • Delivery of Proven Care: Services known to prevent cancer and other diseases and preserve general health must be part of standard coverage.
  • Equality: Americans must not be denied coverage for pre-existing health conditions and should have choices appropriate to their own health needs.
  • Medical Excellence: Reform must include a continuing effort to promote best medical practices, put the patient first and deliver modern, innovative care.

LIVESTRONG will continue to serve as an honest broker during the health care reform conversation to ensure that these principles are included in a final health reform measure.

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