Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tired of being taxed to death?

Let's see if this one gets printed anywhere...

Tired of being taxed to death?
Do you hate levy requests made continually by schools, road, police and fire departments, parks, libraries etc.? Get smart; taxpayers already pay 61% of the nation’s health care bills for public employees.  For taxes to stabilize, we must really reform the out of control health care costs we all pay.  Dumping the insurance companies is the first step toward simplifying paperwork for providers reducing costs. If you are unhappy with the health care reform passed by Congress, you owe it to yourself to learn about HR 676, Medicare for All.  You owe it to family and friends who are unemployed, have a pre-existing condition, has had their insurance coverage terminated, etc.  If you’re worried about “socialized medicine”, you have fallen victim to the medical-industrial complex’s ruthless campaign for obscene profit at your expense.  There is more than enough being spent to care well for everyone; we just aren’t getting the care.  30% is wasted on administration.  You need the facts not myths.  Visit and and for more links.  Request a speaker for your organization.

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