Sunday, November 13, 2011

DDN Published letter 10-29-11

This was printed in the Dayton Daily News 10-29-11
To see what I actually submitted, find my earlier post on this blog.
I have noticed that the paper has been devoting far more space to health care, an important issue that affects everyone at one time or another. The trouble is that it is mostly bad news: People losing coverage, Republicans contesting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, rising premiums for Medicare patients, etc.

I am disappointed that there still has been nothing regarding the movement for single-payer health care, also known as improved Medicare for all. It is a grass-roots movement in the truest sense of the word. There are so many powerful interests and so much money involved; universal, comprehensive healthcare in the United States will not come about unless the citizens demand it as they did to gain other rights we have today.

There are many reasons that providing improved Medicare for all would help our country and its citizens. One study found that replacing the PPACA with H.R. 676 would replace all the jobs lost in 2008. Several good books have been written on the topic. There are dozens of websites devoted to  the single-payer health care system. I suggest that if you want to stem the ever-rising cost of healthcare, the bankruptcies resulting from huge medical bills, the deaths that could be prevented if everyone had Medicare, that you learn about and support single payer.
-------------------- the following was all dropped.
Read books and visit,, and more listed at

Nobody is going to care for your health like only you can do by demanding a universal, comprehensive, fiscally conservative solution to our country’s healthcare crisis. Demand what many main-line churches, labor unions, county and local governments have endorsed.


William N. Davis, II Region 7 Coordinator
7231 Hardwicke Pl.
Dayton, OH 45414

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