Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mainline churches support single payer, but...

A number of mainline churches have endorsed HR 676, unfortunately, they don't have the power or the will to effectively encourage their congregations to learn the facts and support spreading the 'good news'. I belong to a PCUSA church and I have spoken with ministers all around the area offering to speak to a group of their congregation and have received no calls. The issue is contentious to say the least. 

It's unbelievable that people are so closed-minded. The conservatives and insurance and drug companies have very effectively seen to it that Americans are brainwashed into thinking Social Security and Medicare are evil and Socialistic and that having universal, comprehensive care for all is a slippery slope to a socialist state. HOGWASH. It's not socialized medicine, it's a socialized payment system, the same as the way we have paid for fire and police protection, our armed forces, libraries, schools and the like. 

What is wrong with people today? Do they really, really support a Christian theocracy? I fear for my children's and grand children's future it their generation doesn't wake up to the political realities in this country and help take steps to maintain the rights and privileges fought for by our and prior generations.

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