Saturday, December 1, 2012

If the PPACA - the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was a putt, it would be short and to the right.  It demands a lot of good things happen, but it still has shortcomings, like the individual mandate.  The people in our country need care not insurance that subsidizes insurance companies and pays multi-million dollar salaries.
You need to stand up to be counted as wanting truly complete reform: universal, complete healthcare.  Learn more of what you need to know.  Don't reject what you know little or nothing about.  Don't reject what has been labeled by the 1% to scare you so they can keep their gravy train.

What this 4:20 minute video for the basics.

What is Single Payer

More to come soon.

Am I preaching to the choir? Maybe, but we need a bigger, louder choir.  Tell a friend about this blog.  All parties are welcome, Left, Right, down the middle.  OSU and Michigan fans, Browns and Bengals fans, Sabres and Red Wing fans.  Workers and business owners, school boards and local governments wanting the stretch their budgets. Get the idea?

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