Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cost of having a baby in the U.S.

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Cost of having a baby in the U.S.

I just watched your (NBC Nightly News) story on family medical expenses.  You should ask yourselves if you want the people who don't worry about the cost of a child because they are on Medicaid producing the bulk of the next generation rather than the more calculating prospective parents who don't want to go broke having a family.
This is just one damning illustration of the failure of our political system being ignored by voters and overrun by corporate and 1% money to provide U.S. residents with the care they deserve in a nation that can easily afford it.
 Maybe you could start the public discussion so sorely lacking on what it would be like in this country if we fought the influence of the medical industry and followed the lead of other industrialized nations, notably Canada and implemented universal, comprehensive, publicly funded, fiscally conservative, privately delivered care. (Improved Medicare for All, H.R. 676)
I recommend you have a national town hall discussion following the airing of one or a series of movies such as Sicko, The Healthcare Movie, Escape Fire or the like.
You have media power to clean up the healthcare train-wreck, and I am not referring to Obamacare.  That was a step in the right direction, just way short of where we should be and loaded with unintended consequences..
You could present programming to counter the lies and propaganda so rampant for decades in our society.
What is the point of a free press if you are in collusion with those you should expose as bad actors averse to the public good?

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