Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Senator Portman,

I sent you an email shortly after your son came out.  Maybe you never received it for one reason or another.  I don’t remember sending it via this website.
I am happy that your son forced you to think and reconsider your views on LGBT issues.  I admire your support for the ENDA bill.

I asked if you would need for someone close to you to get cancer and die or live after an accident and be broke with the medical bills before you would rethink the prevailing view that Obamacare is bad and improving Medicare and extending it to all residents would be impossible and impractical and un-sustainable, not to mention socialistic.

I urge you to ask for the economic impact studies done by Gerald Friedman for various single payer plans. I would attach them, but your website doesn’t accommodate that.   You should visit Rep. John Conyers and websites like PNHP.ORG, and just to mention a few.

There are many good books on the topic, among them are: is my functional if not pretty blog with more links, letters etc.
I also highly recommend The Healthcare Movie.  I have a few DVDs if you would like one.

I look forward to hearing from you for an opportunity to discuss this topic.  If you would like me to send you some documents to save your staff some Googling time, I’ll need an email address where I can send attachments.


William N. Davis, II
Dayton, OH

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