Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tonight I watched the news and saw a piece about an officer who patrols the Golden Gate Bridge.  He watches for suicidal people who have come out to jump.  The example mentioned tonight was a young man whose wife had a baby with complications.  He was hopeless about the debts accumulated for his baby's care.  The officer talked him down, but who knows how he will deal with the debt.  Will some generous angel who saw the clip pony up the money to relieve this family?
Have you noticed we've become a country of beggars? Another local story aired earlier was about a school who had a couple kids start collecting money to help a classmate with cancer.  They collected $800, I think, a drop not in the bucket, but in the storage tank it will take to pay the ridiculous medical bills.  That's a wonderful display of kindness and effort on their part.
Too bad we waste so much time begging with cans on convenience store counters, etc.  Everyone's collecting for something. Food pantries, disease research, PTO/PTA's, USO, DAV, crippled children, starving children, oh and the pets people abandon.  Let's not forget the poor, poor pets.
Maybe if we refused to be manipulated by the wealthy into thinking our country is broke and cannot afford to heal the sick, support the weak and comfort the afflicted, we could have a country like others around the world that cover all of their residents (and American tourists too!) without questions or bills.  If our president hadn't settled for the terms of the PPACA, we could be on our way toward implementing HR 676 that would not require a stupid website with all the moving parts that are needed for the PPACA.
Maybe if more people would VOTE instead of staying home in greater numbers than those who cast a ballot for either candidate for an office, we could fix our broken government and tax system and sick-care non-system.  And maybe start employing more people.
Our healthcare kludge is so expensive and ineffective that we are outranked by over thirty countries in outcomes.  We have high costs of manufacturing because of the traditional way be compensate workers with healthcare that has become a cost component just totally out of control.  Our country's economy will never recover until we grapple and defeat the opponents of universal, comprehensive healthcare.  Universal, everyone is covered. Comprehensive, complete in services for medical, dental, optical, hearing, mental health from womb to tomb.

Rant over.  Share if you agree.

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