Sunday, January 26, 2014

I tried submitting this through the website. It must be broken.  I get no response that message was either sent or received.  The website finally gave me an acknowledgment of my send.
Do you want the truth about H.R. 676 and the obstructions erected by the medical, insurance and Pharma industries? Do some cutting, pasting and sending of your own.

I'm watching your piece on psych bed shortage.  When are you going to tell your viewers how the powers that be have lied to them about healthcare reform? The Public option was squashed, H.R. 676 was not on the table.  Obamacare was a conservative idea of the Heritage Foundation, yet the Republicans, who got what they wanted are STILL obstructing and lying about the ACA. 
What your viewers want is the truth so they can make a valid decision.  You need to help dispel their fears about the need for change to Improved Medicare for All.  You need to invite some spokespeople from Physicians for a National Health Program ( to talk about this.  Wendell Potter is another choice to speak on how the insurance companies operate. Gerald Friedman a U. of Mass. Economist could speak on the economics of universal, comprehensive healthcare.  Real reform would kick start our economy.  Healthy workers are reliable, happy workers.

I used think more of 60 Minutes than I do now.  When are you going to get back to more real investigative journalism and less fluff? If it’s not the job of the media to inform Americans of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, who will? Do you really want to lose any intelligent viewers you still have to internet bloggers for their news?

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