Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working for healthcare justice contributes to economic justice.

I’m almost finished reading “The Working Poor, Invisible in America” by David K. Shipler. I recommend it.  From the book: “the unbroken cycle:  Poverty leads to health and housing problems.  Poor health and housing lead to cognitive deficiencies and school problems.  Educational failure leads to poverty.”
Early in the first chapter, Shipler reveals there are seven interlocking pieces that work into the equation for living,  A job, medical insurance, good housing, reliable transportation, effective family budgeting, effective parenting and effective schooling are all necessary to be successful in moving away from the edge of poverty.  Attacking any one of these will not help.  However, we can eliminate one of them.  Medical care could be removed from this list if we decided that it was important enough to reduce poverty.  Disconnected from employment, Improved Medicare for All would allow people to receive care regardless of employment.  People would pay based on income.  When they are working, they will contribute.  There would be more jobs caring for people who go without today.  There would be no more medical bankruptcies, no more excluding employee candidates from being hired with concerns of how their health conditions would affect group insurance costs.

Working for healthcare justice contributes to economic justice.  
Visit, and for more information.  These sites have links to organizations with contacts in your area.

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